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Q. I thought UPVC Windows were maintenance free and never needed to paint?


you are quite right! in the 70s when UPVC first came out,it was sold as a product where you did not need to paint them like in the days of wooden windows where generally they would be painted yearly. UPVC Windows now known as PVCu. These are now manufactured using more envoiromental friendly raw material. As well as they are manufactured in a range of Standard foil Colours. ColouredPlas Ltd can provide any auxcilliary items such as trims , mouldings or Roofline items to fully complement your work.



Q. Can I literally have any Colour?


Sure! We mix our own colours through computer software, like you see at B&Q - We can provide any colour, the main colour schemes are RAL, BS, Dulux, NCS, Pantone and Farrow and Ball - We have also produced our own colour range that matches perfectly the foils and many composite door manufactuerers..


Q. Will the colour fade?.


Once the colour has been applied to the substrate, it is guaranteed for 10 years that will not fade, de-laminate, peel or flake we also guarantee the adhesion. - certain darker colours may fade but will retain the colour charactistics. It is important that you read our Installation Guide and our After Care Guide.